1. Was there a turning point that prompted you to start on your own? When and how did you become an entrepreneur?

I started working with the yacht industry in 2013, in a Pvt Ltd company as an operations executive. While learning how the industry works, it’s ethos and the growth aspect shortly, an idea popped out of my mind, of a start-up. I shared this idea with one of my co- sailor, who was with me since I started learning sailing in an organization named sea cadet corps, where we learn everything about sailing and seamanship. After sharing the idea, he said let’s do something different and outstanding in this industry and that’s how “we made Fortune India Marine Services in the year 2015 October”.

2. Can you briefly tell us about your entrepreneurial journey so far?

We started in October 2015, we made an investment of 50k rupees each as partners and got our name registered, began studying the marketing aspects and made our website. We researched a lot about the pros and cons of the industry. Soon after 8months, we got more funding for marketing from our first individual investors, who was also a sailor. Slowly the brand was building up, and people started knowing our brand by name. Our USP was our top class service which was soon beating the other companies in the market. After a year and a half it started affecting our business as we had a fierce resistance from the fellow industry people. But as we say you come with a goal and without accomplishing it you won’t give up, we did the same thing, and we kept on moving forward. Now our company has five yachts in Mumbai and Goa market both, where we operate and outsource the services to other fellow companies. Fortune India is looking forward to a more significant investment in the coming years and to expand hugely in the Indian yachting and Marine industry.

3. How did you aim for your company to stand out?

We aimed for top-notch service, and that’s how Fortune India stands no1 now after years of efforts to maintain the same level of services to our clients.

4. What typical skillsets & attitudes do you look for while hiring a team for your company? 

We look forward to good seamanship, team building and an employee who wants to learn and grow with us.

5. How do you see your company grow in the next 5-6 years? Any new product offerings in the wings?

We are looking forward to massive investment and exploring all the water bodies in Maharashtra and other parts of India to provide our Watersports and Yachting Services.

6. Do you have a person that inspires you? Who would that be and why?

The inspiration of my life is my uncle who has been a millionaire. He started from scratch to build up a million dollar empire. His dedication towards his work and the quality of not giving up no matter what inspires me.

7. How do you unwind what are some of your favorite hobbies?

As I have made my hobbies as my passion and career, I go out sailing on my boats, and that’s how I unwind, I think that all for me, that my first love the sea and ships.

8. Which are the top 5 destinations on your travel bucket list?

U.S, Morocco, Europe, Tokyo, Dubai.

9. Is there enough impetus to support and nurture young entrepreneurs in India. If not, can you tell us three things that are the need of the hour?

There is not enough impetus to support future entrepreneur now. First, we need to develop such trust and make the product look attractive which will sell, secondly building up networking, investors should be genuine and should morally and fundamentally support the funded firm. Thirdly the mindset. Of Indians about business has to be changed.

10. What advice would you give to someone in the age group of 30-40 years, starting as an entrepreneur today?

Just be self-motivated, dedicated, and get the right product, spend time on research and development. Never give up.

(Location) Gateway of India, Mumbai.

Website: www.fortuneindiasailing.com
Email: fortuneindiamarineservices@gmail.com
Fortune India Yacht Management and Marine Services LLP


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